We are used as a local resource to direct residents to federal and state funded programs offered through the NRCS-USDA and MDA. However, we are no longer funded by the MDA and operate similarly to a non-profit. The Federal Farm Bill has several programs that you may qualify for, which you may not even be aware of. Please contact our NRCS agent, Karry Trickey, to inquire about these programs. We also assist people interested in reforestation, wild-life habitats and youth education. We share staff and technicians with Ingham county. NRCS-USDA is now housed in Mason, MI.

The Livingston Conservation District is involved with many activities throughout the year including: Spring tree sale, LCD Field Day, Annual Meeting, Children’s poster contest and Farmer’s Day. We have also joined with other organizations to help form the Portage Creek Advisory Committee. This committee was started by the Huron River Watershed Council to help implement the watershed planning project. This project encompasses four different counties and will include two years of prep work to establish and produce a guidebook for residents, government, land owners, and businesses to reduce pollution in Portage Creek and improve long-term protection of this natural feature.

We closed our physical walk-in office in 2007.  We have part-time employees that run the district operations from a virtual office. Although we are under the Michigan Department of Agriculture we operate similarly to a non-profit and much of the work is done on a volunteer basis. Therefore we do not have set hours of operation. Please be aware if you leave a message, the voicemail is checked on a part-time basis. To receive a quicker response, please email questions to admin@livingstoncd.org