The Livingston Conservation District was originally organized under four different territories. The first was established in June 1937 and the project encompassed part of Livingston, Genesee and Oakland counties.

This first district consisted of Argentine and Fenton townships (Genesee County) and Deerfield, Tyrone and Hartland townships (Livingston County).

On November 10, 1939, George R. Petts of Fenton and J.H. Skinner of Fenton both duly appointed directors filed an application with the State of Michigan to become an official conservation district.

In 1940 the Southeast Livingston Soil Conservation District formed consisting of Genoa, Green Oak and Hamburg townships.

On January 30, 1943 at a referendum the land owners of Brighton township (excluding the village of Brighton) voted to join the S.E. Livingston Soil Conservation District.

On February 15, 1945 there was a referendum vote to include the townships of Iosco, Putnam, Marion and Unadilla. These four townships formed the Southwest Livingston Soil Conservation District.

On May 13, 1946 the Northwest Soil Conservation District formed and encompassed the townships of Conway, Handy, Howell and Cohoctah.

All four districts were operating as separate entities with their own Board of Directors, yet they worked together under one system and mainly one county.

After almost 65 years of operating separate districts, on January 7, 2002 they all consolidated under one body. The Michigan Department of Agriculture appointed the first five Board Directors of the Livingston Conservation District.

The conservation district has seen many changes over the past 70 years and continues to shift it’s mission and goals to reach the county and promote better practices with our natural resources.

On October 27, 2007 the district moved out of the Howell location and is currently operating as a virtual office.

Information for this brief history report was taken out of Annual Reports and documents for the above stated conservation districts. Information contained within this report is deemed reliable.