A BIG Thank you to everyone that purchased trees at our 2022 Spring Tree Sale! Without you we would never be able to continue with our conservation programs that are so important to Livingston County and our environment. Watch for our 2023 tree sale brochure in early February 2023. If you would like to be on our email list please send your email address to us at admin@livingstoncd.org and our 2023 Spring Tree Sale order form will be emailed to you. THANKS AGAIN!

Online orders are processed through PayPal. 6% sales tax is added to all orders. PayPal will prompt for a shipping address; we need your address to mail the reminder postcard. Trees will not be shipped.

Orders must be picked up on Saturday, April 15, 2023 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. ONLY. You will receive a postcard in the mail with instructions for the pickup of your order. Orders will not be delivered, it is your responsibility to pick up or
arrange for pick-up of your order on the designated date and at the designated location.

Pickup will be at the Munsell Farm at the barn located at 301 Smith Rd, Fowlerville, MI (west of the main Munsell Farm, just north of Mason Rd on Smith Rd).

Please contact us prior to ordering with any questions. Please do not call Munsell Farm with questions.

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2-2 indicates 2-2 indicates the trees have spent two years in a seed bed and two years in a transplant bed. Likewise, 3-0 indicates three years in a seed bed and zero years in a transplant bed. Transplants have a larger root system than regular seedlings. The Livingston Conservation District distributes only the best nursery stock at an affordable price.) The size of seedling varies by specie. Please pay attention to the sizing for each specie.

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2-1 White Pine 8" – 12"
2-1 Norway Spruce 12" – 18"
2-1 White Spruce 12" – 18"
2-1 Colorado Blue Spruce 10" – 16"
P+1 Fraser Fir 7" – 12"
2-0 Douglas Fir 6" – 12"
Deciduous Trees
2-0 Sugar Maple 12" – 18"
2-0 Red Maple 12" – 18"
2-0 Red Oak 18" – 24"
2-0 White Oak 18" – 24"
1-0 Pussy Willow 18" – 24"
1-0 White Flowering Dogwood 18" – 24"
1-0 Japanese Tree Lilac 12" – 18"
1-0 Redbud 18" – 24"
1-0 Red Mulberry 18" – 24"
Latham Red Raspberry
(Rooted Cutting)
1-0 Butterfly Bush 18" – 24"
2-0 Common Lilac 12" – 18"
Marking Flags
Red Flag Markers 24"